Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

07. Mai 2011 - Hoher Goell - Koenigssee - Watzmann

Kehlsteinhaus ( Hitlers TeeHouse )
Untersberg ( middle ) Salzburg ( in the flat ) Kehlsteinhaus ( in front )
High Goell ( seen from the west ) on approach for landing

Jenner ( take off ) and KingsLake
landed on the High Goell
happy pilot ... :-))

on the peak of the High Goell

viewing Salzburg from the High Goell
next target : Watzmann : in sight
looking to the Small Goell ( south-eastwards )

Watzmanngroup ( she on the left, he on the right, kids in the middle )
the Watzmannhouse
"Northern Canada / Alaska" close to Salzburg ( 30km/20mi )

alongside Watzmann : view to the west
alongside Watzmann : view to the east
the Watzmannpeaks ( its the male only ) : NEpeak in front, middlepeak, SWpeak in the back

KingsLake behind WatzmannKids
view alongside famous WatzmannEastWall
ready for take-off on the WatzmannRidge, next to NEpeak

WatzmannRidge : view to Hagengebirge and Tennengebirge
Obersee ( the lake behind KingsLake ) viewed from SWerly of Watzmann
famous St. Bartolomae on KingsLake viewed from SWerly of Watzmann

viewed from along/above the WatzmannTopRidge:
the SWerly peak of the Watzmann
the middlepeak and the NEerly peak in the back
Miss Watzmann, seen through the SWpeak and the middlepeak, High Goell in the background

KingsLake and OberLake seen from above WatzmannKids
above Miss Watzmann
looking westwards, WatzmannKids in the front

touristharbour of KingsLake
Kehlsteinhaus - Hitlers teahouse in front of the High Goell ( twice )

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  1. Amazing flying area Fritz! The vertical is unreal! And the snow melts so early there! We still have 5-7 meters of snow above 2,000 meters this year! I hope spring comes soon! -Todd, Oregon